Next Generation Hoardings

Next Generation Hoardings

Counterweighted Freestanding Retail Hoardings

Structurally Engineered & AS4687.3:2022 Compliant


Next Generation Hoardings

We are a company specalising in installing internal hoardings inside shopping centres. We have been installing hoardings in shopping centres all around New South Wales for over 10 years, we believe that construction hoardings for shop fit-outs should be installed with a high quality marketable finish, our hoardings look fantastic with or without wrapping them in Vinyl! Our experience in the industry gives us the knowledge and confidence that we can provide you with multiple hoarding options to suit your needs.

We aren't interested in selling you a product that we've designed and patented, we don't have high marketing budgets and overheads to then recoup these costs, we are interested in selling you a high quality service that is; compliant with the Australian Standards for Hoardings AS 4687-2007, Pre Certified by a Structural Engineer and appealing to the public, all hoardings are painted on-site to ensure a high quality marketable finish.

Next Generation Hoardings can provide you with traditional hoardings braced to mall ceilings or our in-house designed free-standing weighted hoarding system, both hoarding systems are pre certified by a structual engineer and compliant with AS 4687-2007.


Our Commitment to Excellence

At Next Generation Hoardings, our passion goes beyond simply installing hoardings. Founded on the principle of uncompromising quality, we've set out to redefine standards within the industry. Our journey began from observing a gap in the market for hoardings that are not just functional but are crafted with an eye for detail, ensuring a superior aesthetic and structural integrity.

Understanding the challenges of maintaining high standards in a field where cutting corners has become all too common, we've committed ourselves to a culture of integrity. This commitment is reflected in our meticulous selection of materials, innovative installation techniques, and the continuous training of our staff. Unlike the industry norms, every member of our team is instilled with the ethos of 'doing it right the first time,' ensuring that our hoardings stand as a testament to our dedication to excellence.

At Next Generation Hoardings, we're not just building barriers; we're setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency in the hoarding industry. Let us bring our pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to your next project, demonstrating what it means to choose a partner dedicated to excellence and innovation.